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Version 6.10
MOD Features WARP+
Size 11 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Price FREE 2.99
Updated On October 18, 2021 (4 days ago) (MOD, WARP+) the privacy-first DNS resolver, this app provides a fast and private way to browse the Internet.

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Cloudflare is well recognized for its network infrastructure, but its DNS resolution is geared towards the customer. This service conceals your DNS requests and protects key ISP information. The optional Warp function aims to increase your navigational speed while providing some but not all of the VPN protection. While and Warp will increase your privacy online, we were shocked by the incompatibility problems we experienced. WARP+ is a free app that makes your Internet more private. WARP+ Unlimited makes your Internet more private and safer. No one should be able to snoop on what you do on the Internet. We’ve created so that you can connect to the Internet securely anytime, anywhere. WARP+

Why WARP+?

First, is not a VPN. It’s vital to say. A VPN encrypts all the data on your device and forward it to a VPN-controlled server. This method blocks your real IP address and avoids traffic control by your ISP or any network spy.

The and similar solutions argue that VPNs are over-completed for most individuals and that their protection is highly cost-efficient. Although a safe DNS resolver protects just DNS queries, HTTPS is widely accepted, which already encrypts a large part of your online activities. is only focused on domain name system (DNS) queries, and not on all traffic. DNS is like a telephone book that translates readable URLs into readable machine IP addresses. Your ISP will normally manage your DNS resolution and therefore be able to track your internet activity. But this is not the case when you use, which removes DNS Resolution and so cuts out snoopy ISPs.

  • A better way to connect: WARP+ Unlimited replaces the connection between your phone and the Internet with a modern, optimized, protocol.
  • Greater privacy : prevents anyone from snooping on you by encrypting more of the traffic leaving your phone. We believe privacy is a right. We won’t sell your data.
  • Better security: with WARP protects your phone from security threats like malware, phishing, crypto mining and other security threats. Enable for Families option from the DNS settings inside the app.
  • Easy to use: One-touch setup to make your Internet more safe and private. Install it today, get a more private Internet, it’s that simple.
  • Cloudflare makes it clear that your ISP can’t monitor your traffic “WARP is not intended for gaining access to geostricted material during transit. Your IP address does not conceal from the websites that you visit.” This is simply not a service to you if you are wanting a change to area or a more secret Internet access.

Cloudflare makes it clear that your ISP can’t monitor your traffic “WARP is not intended for gaining access to restricted material during transit. Your IP address does not conceal from the websites that you visit.” This is simply not a service to you if you are wanting a change to the area or more secret Internet access. WARP+ Unlimited Keys

More Secure with Warp technology is the technology used by Warp by default. Just tap and you will be connected. Tap. Tap it again, and when you’re connected to this Wi-Fi network, you’ll have the option to stop your connection for 15 minutes, 1 hour or indefinitely. From this option, you may change to DNS-only mode. This is especially important since you could have to shut off the service to do certain tasks, so you will be left with difficulties connecting again later. From the settings menu, you can also switch between and Warp.

Although the distinction between, Warp, and Warp+ Unlimited is incredibly basic and very simple to use, it is confused in the program. At the bottom of the screen, you may upgrade to Warp+ Unlimited even if you’re using Warp already. 

Button to Exclude your Apps

This pause and Excluded Apps list you’re probably going to need. I did not work well when Warp was on, and I even experienced some problems with the usage of just when Google Docs and Youtube. It’s remarkable that Cloudflare’s claim is to make the internet quicker and safer.

Why need WARP+?

Warp VPN is available either for payment or as a free additional feature of the existing Cloudflare app that provides a quick DNS resolution that also helps to protect your browsing activities from manual attacks in the middle via Cloudflare DNS Resolution Servers instead of your ISP. The VPN is also available for your browsing activity.

We test thousands of paths over the Internet every second to find which have the best performance. Skip right past Internet traffic jams using the same technology that we use to make thousands of websites 30% faster (on average).

A speed test has provided us with an average output of 2.8 Mbit/s without and Warp. When we switched on the Warp it was up to 9.6 Mbit/s. Yet Cloudflare isn’t exactly something we’d advise for old devices, since the phone also heated up as crazy and batteries caned.

• with WARP is free, but WARP+ is a paid feature that can be enabled at any time.
• Subscribe on a monthly basis to receive unlimited WARP+ data for the duration of the subscription.
• Your subscription will automatically renew for the same package length at the same price until you cancel in settings in the Google Play Store at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period and/or WARP+ data transfer credits, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription, where applicable.

Subscription Plan for WARP+

App and Warp VPN service of basic DNS resolution is free without charge. You may also subscribe to Warp+ Unlimited, which promises even higher connection speeds but doesn’t always provide them and costs £3.99 every month in Great Britain. By recommending to friends you can also gain Warp+ in 1GB blocks.

MOD Version of application also has a completely free connector. However, the process of accessing the internet will be much slower because the protocol has not really been optimized. WARP + service, a service similar to Hotspot Shield, to enhance the access speed of the device.

Free WARP+: You will have unlimited data.


Is it safe to use WARP+ APK?

Answer: Yes, This is 100% safe, Because of WARP+ APK Version official Modified version WARP+ APK Free by Cloudflare Inc.

How can I download WARP+ APK?

Answer: Download the latest and authentic version of the WARP+ APK by clicking on the “download” button on Top.

Download MOD APK For Android The Warp app for Android improves the speed and security of your mobile broadband connection to make your traffic invisible to snoopers on your local network, but it does not anonymize connections to the sites you access on the other side of the network.

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