BeeTV v2.9.3 APK + MOD (Adfree, Extra, firestick) 2021


BeeTV (MOD, Ad-free) is one of the top free streaming apps, with a large collection of movies, TV shows, and other originals.
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October 28, 2021
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About BeeTV

BeeTV is an amazing streaming app for Android devices and a couple of other platforms for movies and tv. It gives your watching pleasure loads of material. BeeTV is a fantastic streaming option for your different demands, thanks to its strong real Debrid integration, easy-to-use interface and hassle-free download.

We had to start with Bee TV, but eventually, it was a bit of a letdown. It is your standard copied streaming app with a superb layout, which does have its nice features, however, our buffering has been removed and there are no links. It displays the latest films and TV shows and most of them worked well. But our crew is a melting pot of varied flavours and those of us who love the older films have been left in the unavailable bond.

Well organized interface

The application provides a simple to use and extremely user-friendly interface. It makes navigating the app easier for consumers without any obstacles. You will enjoy a smooth and easy UI if you wish to use the app on your smartphone.

As we expected from many of these copied applications, the primary interface showed an astoundingly well-designed layout. The menu allows us to select material by year and genre to make finding something special easy for us to look at. Similarly, we can navigate freely around sites if we only wanted to navigate.

Bee TV

Offers tv shows and movies

HD TV Shows and films Free and 1080p Free Films is the latest addition to Full HD 1080p & HD 720p to Movies and TV Shows It offers practically any TV program and film. Everything is available in high HD on this website. Episodes in 480p, 720p, and 1080p are also available for download. Many types, such as drama, crime, adventure, family, horror, thriller, romanticism, Western music, animation, biography, etc…


More Content Availability!

Bee TV arguably offers the greatest stream source collection among any free streaming applications we have evaluated. More surprisingly, some sources are labelled as “trustworthy.” Such sources are more dependable and have higher quality and efficiency. Test the reliable sources first and you won’t have to pass a bunch of bad sources.

So we had a wonderful afternoon watching True Detective, which we liked with little buffering and a beautiful HD stream so that we could test Bee TV with something that we couldn’t see. It is very difficult to try to locate a stream accessible for anything launched before 2000. Without working links, the amount of titles on this application is not believable.

It offers excellent video streaming. You may pick any quality you want from SD to Full HD to stream. The program searches the whole Web for connections to a number of diverse video sources.

Because of some of the internet buzz that surrounds Bee TV, we expected a much more satisfactory streaming experience. Look elsewhere when you’re seeking an application to supply many diverse contents.

BeeTV apk 2021

Online View Experience

It always seems like the app itself works and is online. We had no problems crashing or freezing at all unexpectedly (It constantly amazes how often this happens with some apps). However, it was true that the linkages were reliable.

Most of the time we couldn’t get to work only the older stuff, but at times we couldn’t find even films produced in the past five years and it just shouldn’t be – it wasn’t a phrase. Finally, you may utilize many more trustworthy free programs that provide a lot more stable streaming experience.

All platforms Supported

Only Android devices such as Android phones, tablets, Android TVs, Android boxes and Fire TV from Amazon are available for this application. But it doesn’t imply you can’t use it on any device at all. There are several workaround solutions to get bee TV on other systems such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.

Other video player support

BeeTV supports several external applications including MX Player and VLC. It also supports, Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, and Premiumize online accounts. The free Trakt. tv service is useful to track your history and development. And the other three paying providers will give you very minimal buffering for additional premium stream sources.

Pricing – Is Bee TV Free?

Yes, Bee TV is completely free, making it a great app for anybody wanting to see their favourite content without a single dollar. To access the content of the app you don’t have to spend a single penny.

Ad-Free Version of BeeTV

BeeTV’s official app includes a wide variety of advertising including full screen and banner ads. Fortunately, customized ad-free versions are available on our site.


Mod Info

  • Ads Removed
  • Removed unwanted Permissions
  • News promo banner announcement removed
  • Promo Apps cleaned from menu
  • Choose Player popup disabled
  • Disabled choose subtitle dialog
  • No forced update to new version
  • Full Multi Languages


1. BeeTV installation not working. How to fix it?

Please check whether you have turned ON the option of Apps from Unknown Sources. Without toggling ON this option the installation won’t commence.

2. Is BeeTV free to use?

Yes! BeeTV is completely free to use.

3. Is it safe to use BeeTV?

Since you are not rooting your Android smartphone, it is considered safe to install BeeTV. However, while streaming, please make sure you aren’t streaming content from outside the public domain. This goes for all third-party streaming apps that you might use.

4. Can I install BeeTV on Firestick?

Yes! You can install BeeTV on Firestick, Fire TV, as well as on all Android TV Boxes.

Download BeeTV APK for Android

There are a lot of applications nowadays for watching online movies, but there are very few apps that are free of money and free of ads. BeeTV is one of the few. Using contemporary devices like Android phones, Android TV, Amazon, Fire Stik, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, you may use BeeTV to view movies, your favourite tv-shows online…