Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) v1.8.0 APK + OBB


Battlegrounds Mobile India (APK +OBB) is a Battle Royale game specially made for India only and it was published directly from KRAFTON.
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January 16, 2022
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Battlegrounds Mobile India (APK +OBB) is a Battle Royale game specially made for India only and it was published directly from KRAFTON.



On September 1, the Indian government gives a ban to PUBG MOBILE in India. They will remove PUBG MOBILE from Google Playstore. So KRAFTON plans to release a special edition for India. This is the best epic battle royale game with the virtual world. In this virtual world, you can see lots of scenarios with amazing effects. Set of the virtual world every player take the fight against with opponent players. Lots of hidden things and gameplays are hidden in this game. KRAFTON gives lots of suspense in this game. It will look like PUBG Mobile but after the PUBG MOBILE ban in India, they will change the game modes, gameplay, maps, and UI interface. Completely ready for this version for India and game languages like Indian languages.


In BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, Gameplay was a little bit changed from PUBG MOBILE. Otherwise, it will same as PUBGMOBILE gameplay like driving, fighting on the battlefield, gun shooting, and much more. But one main thing will be removed. After shooting an enemy it will show a red colour blood effect, so that will be removed in this India version. If you love the realistic effect and real 3D effects on gameplay? Definitely, we suggest the multiplayer battle royale game is called BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

There are many maps that came to this version and every map with a different type of terrain on virtual settings. Every player deploys their strategies and takes a battle fight against other players. And be the last man standing on the battleground. This game gives a free-to-play multiplayer experience. A player can play this BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA as a solo player, duo player, or squad gameplay. It depends on your thought. different types of modes can accept these player methods. In these player methods to you can play this game with your partner and friends. Squad gameplay gives much more happiness and fun.

Different types of maps have different types of some (not all) weapons like a pistol, AR, SMG, Sniper, or extra weapons. Not only PUBG MOBILE you can play against a player with the team, but You can also play with your squad in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. They will introduce lots of game modes and every mode has different logical gameplay. You can use your best strategy to win all modes.


No words about graphics, because the inside game graphics look like a real battlefield with trees, houses, weapons structure, and much more. Every object and obstacle looks realistic. In behind scene of realism is The BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA was made with Unreal Engine 4. It was given a more realistic look and virtual-based graphics in the game. Shoot the opponent in-game, each of every bullet shows the shooting effect. If the player dies, it will show effects like shot down. Recently they introduced a 90FPS smooth effect for which devices support 90FPS on their mobile. This FPS was well optimized, giving more realistic and speed. So no more lags in these optimized graphics.

Character skins and game skins graphics are improved and it has been looking like real skins. They made a new era in the graphics. Each every update or event objects are looks more awesome and realistic. Cool optimized outfits and amazing gun skins are available in this BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

Lots of players request to KRAFTON reduce lags in low-end devices. After the players request BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA well-optimized graphics and smooth gameplay for low-end devices. Commonly improved gameplay graphics and controlled graphics rendering while gameplay.


Did you hear the 3D sound with high quality in games? not possible. Because no one game was given the 3D sound with high quality. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA made this sound effect in each touch and inside the game. The background music gives goosebumps while loading the screen. They will be made the sound effect for the game with the world’s top music creators. Each every object and event’s sound effects are made with high-quality effects. Never lose their sound quality in the game. If you use the headphones while playing the game, you feel the Dolby audio sound effect in your headphones. So don’t miss it.

Settings and controls in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA

In setting, lots of things are available to optimize the game your mobile supporting things. You can set the graphics in the setting. Five types of graphics settings are available in this game. Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR, UHD there are five graphics types available. Each graphics type has 5 quality types like Low, Medium, High, Ultra, and Extreme. Some low-end and mid-end devices do not support extreme quality. Not only graphics quality, but you can also set the sound quality in-game settings. You can set up which language you know and matchmaking common player talking language in settings.

Sensitivity is the best settings part of the game. It will control the recoil of the weapon, turning speed, moving speed, and direction speed. Good sensitivity will make the game is better.

In controls, you can customize your gameplay controls and buttons. You will place change the game buttons on any place. And you can increase or decrease the button size in control settings. Also, increase and decrease the transparency length in buttons. In the control section, the driving controls part will be available, so you can set up the car or bike controls.


Start the game

Open the game, first, your character will be shown in the lobby. In the area of the lobby, you can change your wearing dress and set up your gameplay settings. Before choosing a map for taking battle, you need to download the resource pack of the game. Because every map, character skin, and some minor settings will be added as a resource pack. If you downloaded all or needed resources pack you will select your map and select the start button.

Enter the battlefield

After starting the match you will drop in the player’s lobby, in 60 seconds all players will be added to the battlefield. Up to 100 players (Include you) added to the player’s lobby for the battlefield. After complete 60 seconds, every player is ready to battle against all players and they will travel in flight. All players choose their destination on the map and reach their destination, they will eject from the plane. If players cannot eject from Aeroplane, those players are automatically ejected from Aeroplane.

Battle against players

After ejecting from Airplane you go to the selected destination on the map. Then search the house and go inside the house. Get your needed items like a helmet, vest, health kits, bandages, medkit, and weapons. Then find the enemy to shoot the enemy with your weapon. If the enemy dies, you can get the enemy’s items from their death box. Each enemy dies, their items will available in their death box. The death box will appear after the enemy dies in which place the enemy dies.

Health and Zone shrink

If enemies shoot you with weapons or attack with weapons, you will lose health. If you lost health you can refill with your medkit or health kits. The enemy shoots you until full health loss you will get died from the game. You go with your squad on the match first, you knocked and your life remains up to 2 minutes. After 2minutes you do not get revived by your teammate, you will die. The zone level shrinks every 5 minutes or 3 minutes, you definitely go into the zone and take the fight with the enemy. Else you get died from zone shrink.

Be the last man standing

You will defeat all players in the match, finally got the victory on the battlefield. After getting victory you receive the rank and get the higher position in the game.


Overall BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA has eye-catching graphics, realistic elements, amazing sound effects, new events, and much more. In gameplay, you definitely use your strategy to get the victory. No more boring, lots of fun, fully action, taking the battle against an opponent, shooting, running, and driving all are filled in this game. Also PUBG MOBILE was an amazing game. Don’t forget to download play the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.