Carrom Pool MOD APK v5.4.4 (Unlimited Money)


Carrom Pool MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the most entertaining and time pass game for everyone. No one can cross their childhood without playing carrom board.
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January 13, 2022
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Carrom Pool MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the most entertaining and time pass game for everyone. No one can cross their childhood without playing carrom board.

Carrom Pool mod apk

Introduction about Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is a digitalized board game and plays with multiple players at the same time. The game has been helping to relieve stress and depression mood. It will be completely based on a real carrom board with black and yellow pucks. Then the game methods have never changed so every player has the same rules to play. If you are a beginner to play this game, no worries to play as a beginner. Because the gameplay and game rules are the same as real-life carrom board games.

Top to bottom the game has been designed as a traditional life carrom board. Carrom Pool was released by Miniclip at Google Play. There are many board game players who download the game on Google Play and the game has crossed 10Million+ installs. try your best to play the game to win every match in possible ways in digitalized carrom. The board game has been equal to entertainment games so players never get bored while playing the game.

Carrom Pool Gameplay

The Carrom Pool game has very easy-to-install access. A newly joined player has never fear about play the game with others. They play the game like your neighbor’s house friends. So very easy and possible to win all matches. Many features will wait for new and discontinued players. let go to play the game with feel amazing experience without restrictions.


No words about the gameplay of the game. Because no more difference between in this digitalized carrom and real-life traditional carrom board. Both are the same equal colorful look and casual look. Real-life carrom color will change but the digitalized color will never change. Carrom Pool gameplay is also similar to traditional carrom board so nothing can be changed in the gameplay method. All players can easy to play the game with opponents without getting fear.

The game developer has made this game full of 3D design and it will look like real carrom. The 3D unique graphics will give the users has amazing experience of the gameplay. the first strike of the game has given a smooth experience to the players. The home section of the game has been showing the mode to gameplay. You can choose online multiplayer or computer AI match. Also, you elect to choose the pay with friends mode.

Carrom Pool Many modes


Carrom Pool’s online matchmaking players come from around the world. So nobody can come with your near places only an opponent come from around world. There are many types of betting matches available before you enter a match. For example, match betting starts from 100 coins to 1Millions coins. After choosing the bet coins, your opponent will appear in a few seconds. Both bet coins will be added to the current you match.

After a few seconds, you and the opponent will enter the game. The first striker will commonly give to any player like you or your opponent. It is an online game so the player’s striker coin has given only 30 seconds. After ending 30 seconds the striker has been moved from one player to another player. In between the second player has been choosing the direction to attack using striker.

The winner of the match will get both combined coins. For example, you choose 5000 coins match, the winner of the match player gets 10,000. If the on player leave from the match between gameplay or internet connection error, the opponent players have got the betting coins.

Carrom Pool’s every player must need a high-speed internet connection with stable. Because when the user plays online matchmaking gameplay, an internet connection must need for that. Additionally, if you can able to play the game with an AI computer, the computer plays as an opponent for you. Also, you play with near friends on the same mobile, the player place divided in the mobile screen.

Carrom Pool Colorful board

Play with friends

Yes, every player has able to play with their friends in online or offline mode. Invite your friends via a friend list. After inviter your friend, you play with betting matching using coins. Carrom Pool rules never change in all modes. So you never get fear of playing with friends. If your device has offline, you can play with your friend by dividing two screens into devices. For example, the top and bottom sides are divided for both players.

Amazing modes

The game has been with multiple modes inbuilt of the game. If you got bored with carrom, you can try the available modes. Disc pool mode is the most players loved and liked the game. So the game publisher adds the game inside of the Carrom pool. In some method of carrom board, the two players can able to play the game. The player’s full focus is to put the all pucks inboard corner holes. First who will put all pucks in the game, that player will be won the Disc pool.

Three modes

Another mode is called carrom mode and it’s also similar to before ima saying at gameplay topic. Yes, this mode is also similar to carrom board gameplay but only one rule will be changed from this mode. That rule will make the player gets more experience from the striker.

The new rule of the mode is called “Red Queen”. This Red Queen is the red puck that will extra be added to the already available black and yellow puck. In the red puck, the rule is, you put the red puck to the hole you need to pocket the black or yellow. If you never put the black or yellow puck after putting a red puck in the hole, you can not the red puck out of the board. In the final stage of the game, red and black or yellow pucks are available so you need to first put red pucks after you need to put black pucked.

The final model of the Carrom Pool game is called freestyle mode. This mode is completely freestyle and every player can easy to play this mode. Many players love this mode to play every time. Each player can pot any puck from this mode and no restriction in this mode. In this mode available pucks point is red puck (queen) comes with 50 points, white puck comes with 20 points and black puck 10 points. End of the game, the played player’s puck will be calculated and who has to get many points that player is called the winner.



Carrom Pool has extraordinary and 3D-designed graphics. That will make users get a real-life carrom board experience on their device. Compared to real-life carrom, it will become more realistic and colourful. While the gameplay of the carrom board the striker will attack the pucks moving is very smoother. The sliding of every puck is smoother in board gameplay.

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Tutorial for new players

This is a wonderful feature for those who come to this game for new. The app developer gives the tutorial for who comes this game for newly. The tutorials come through as guides, follow the guide so the player knows how to play this game. Rules and regulations will be added to the guidance.

MOD APK version of Carrom pool

MOD Features

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited gems
  • Ads removed
  • Paid stickers unlocked
  • New designs of pucks unlocked

Download Carrom Pool MOD APK for Android

Overall, the Carrom Pool is the best-digitalized carrom board game. It has many multiplayer modes that will make the player get more experience. The multiplayer gameplay helps to bring get more coins for betting matches. If you got bored, This game is a very entertaining and time pass game for you.