Cooking Madness MOD APK v2.0.8 (Unlimited Diamond/Money)


Cooking Madness MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds/Money) is an Android game reminiscent of other hit games such as Cooking Mama or Cooking Fever.
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January 4, 2022
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Leave a play for the energy to drop, click the plus sign next to the energy (lightning bolt) to buy.


Cooking Madness MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds/Money) is an Android game reminiscent of other hit games such as Cooking Mama or Cooking Fever.

Cooking Madness MOD APK

About Cooking Madness

No, we’re not the only ones looking for a fun cooking game, and that’s what led us to discover the incredible Cooking Madness app. Playing for hours at a time is the only way to acquire the best scores, best results, and most satisfied clients. Many individuals are lining up to show off their impressive coordination skills in this year’s internet sensation, the master chef game. You don’t get to be a good manager every day, so it’s important to take advantage of it while you can.

Chefs have to put in a lot of time, effort, and care in order to succeed. It takes a lot of patience and passion for a new job to succeed in this line of work. Despite the challenges, a large number of ardent cooks choose to pursue their dream careers. Culinary art is a combination of creativity, aesthetics, and a desire to eat well. Many game producers have been releasing cooking simulation games on a regular basis in order to satisfy a large number of consumers. Developed by ZenLife Games, Cooking Madness: – A Chef’s Restaurant is one of the most prominent cooking games on offer.

This cooking-themed game

The initial step in reaching a player is visual, and this is true of many games nowadays. Ads for the game appear on a number of high-quality social networking sites. What you see, however, is not exactly what you expect. This is not the case with Cooking Madness. The game’s designs are absolutely authentic, appealing, and pleasant.

We have a cook who is a joyful person with a big belly and a big smile. The chef’s facial features and beard suggest that he is either French or Italian. Chefs from these countries are typically known for bringing the best cuisine to the table. In addition, the foods created by this chef are exquisite in their own right. In terms of food photography, these are the best examples yet. Illustrators spent a lot of time researching and creating the greatest graphic representations of food in the game’s menus. Everything in this dish tastes and looks like it was just picked, which gives it a light, airy quality.

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To prepare the best food

It’s not out of the ordinary for players to begin their careers in a less-than-spectacular location. A chef is a chef, and a restaurant is not. As a result, the player will not be able to work at a restaurant at any point in the future. Each level of difficulty will be gradually increased as the process progresses. In addition, each level’s challenge will be unique and never repeat itself. It’s like having a lot of visitors, but with a different set of goals.

Customers range from the most demanding to the tiniest.
Because a customer can’t finish order if they don’t have the ingredients, you’ll need to prepare them before the store opens. It is essential that these materials be obtained from a store and upgraded to provide the finest possible quality. There will be a few easy orders from the first guests. If you don’t want to lose the game, you’ll have to react swiftly to the game’s accelerated pace. It’s also challenging because the dishes are so varied that you must be a part of the preparation process. This is a minor detail that adds to the appeal of the game but isn’t tough at all for a foodie.

Improve your service.

You’re forced to labour harder and harder as you progress through each step. However, it is for this reason that players are forced to consider updating their hardware. Additionally, you may need to upgrade and purchase additional kitchen tools in order to speed up the preparation procedure. A wide variety of knives are needed for the preparation and processing of various foods. To preserve the freshness of the ingredients, they require specialized methods. In addition, the quality of the material must be improved. The price of Kobe beef is clearly higher than that of other types of beef.

Access new recipes.

As a waiter or bartender, you’ll have the opportunity to travel the world and serve food and beverages to a wide variety of people. As a result, each location will require its own set of dishes. A hamburger in the US might suffice, but in China, you’ll need to know how to boil rice and offer the country’s cuisine. Depending on where you come from and what stages and experiences you’ve had, these new dishes will be available to you. To serve at the fastest possible pace, you’ll need to learn these recipes. Customers will depart if they have to wait too long. The repercussions can be devastating. You lose money, your reputation suffers, and you’re back where you started.

Get More Fun

The goal here is to have a good time! In the beginning, you’ll work in a little diner in a remote location. The Cooking Madness game will take you through the events that led to such fear in the building if you like a good story. This company’s lack of professionalism, excessive costs, and disinterested customers would crush any person’s heart even if they had a steely heart. Alternatively, you can just get right into the game without bothering with any of it.

You’ll be hooked on cooking as soon as you settle into the dreadful eatery. Set up the aesthetics, make a menu, and prepare yourself first. Keep in mind that clients are always apprehensive, hungry, and correct. In this scenario, imagine a group of lions that enter a food-filled den. Totally weird, if you ask me. A fast-paced setting will keep you working quickly, but in a joyful way that you’ll thank the people that made it happen. Every aspect of your operation, from your kitchen personnel to the materials that you use, will need to be improved. Exactly what is the goal of this game? In a short amount of time, prepare the world’s best meals. There aren’t any challenges in this game you can’t handle, so go ahead and get started.

MOD APK Version of Cooking Madness

You’ll have unlimited Diamond in the Cooking Madness MOD version. Diamond/Money allows you to purchase Anything, a wide range of important things, and speed up your game’s progress.

Mod Info

  • Unlimited Diamonds (Energy price is set 100100 which means you will get 100100 diamonds every time you purchage energy)
  • Ads-Free

Download Cooking Madness MOD APK for Android

For those who haven’t played in a while, don’t be alarmed if you find yourself returning to this game after a period of inactivity. It has greatly improved, and all of the positive feedback from our customers online confirms this. Make your way to the top of all the current entertaining levels, and we can guarantee you that it will be a sparkling road full of wonders, so make sure to tap away.