FMWhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Official Latest Version – Feb 2022


FMWhatsApp is a unique WhatsApp MOD that grants you complete privacy as well as a number of unique capabilities not found in the original.
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January 21, 2022
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FMWhatsApp is a unique WhatsApp MOD that grants you complete privacy as well as a number of unique capabilities not found in the original.

FMWhatsApp APK Download

Our focus today will be on FMWhatsApp APK, a forked version of WhatsApp. The advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in this essay. If you want to read something interesting, you’ll have to pay attention.

Today’s society is highly reliant on electronic means of exchanging information. In general, a slew of messaging apps appeared on the market with the proliferation of smartphones. You might refer to WhatsApp as the king of communication among people who use a variety of apps. Using it, you can communicate in complete secrecy with anyone, anywhere, at any time. But, as humans, we’re always looking for more. That’s why there are so many apps like WhatsApp out there.

What are the benefits of using FMWhatsApp APKs?

As you may already be aware, this app is a reworked version of WhatsApp’s core functionality. However, why would you want to take advantage of it? The solution to this issue is simple: to provide a better visual experience and additional functionality that are not available in the original App. This app gives you the option to customize it to your liking, allowing you to tailor it to your needs. It is possible to replace the original App’s green layout in the updated version, for example, if you do not like it. Your aesthetic delight can be a result of this ease.

For the sole aim of providing more functionality, a more user-friendly interface, and desired additions, this updated version has been created.

FMWhatsApp APK Download

FM WhatsApp – Fouad WhatsApp APK Download

App NameFMWhatsApp
Versionv9.11 (2022 January Update)
Size 53.87 MB
RequirementUp to 4.0.3

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FM WhatsApp Latest Version Features

  • Anti-ban
  • Hide blue tick
  • Freeze last seen
  • Remove forwarded tag
  • Hide typing and recording action
FMWhatsApp APK Download

What is FMWhatsApp’s APK file called?

It’s the best-tweaked version of the popular messaging service. Foud Apps is the company behind it (the developer is FoudMakkad). He reworked the App to include a wide range of new functions and then showed it to the public. You can download this app from a third-party website, but it isn’t available in the Google Play store. A virus or malware can lurk on third-party websites, so you’ll need to apply an antivirus before you download the app.

FmwhatsApp is the best version since it lets you hide your last seen, delivery report, online status, and other UI symbols. Thousands of themes are available in the library, each with a variety of customization options.

Note: It is important to note that FMWhatsApp is compatible with all Android devices. Consequently, our page allows users to obtain FMWhatsapp for Xiaomi, for Mi, for Samsung, for Vivo, for Oppo, and for Realme phones. Android-powered devices like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and Realme can use FM WhatsApp APK.

There are a few mods out there for people who can’t get their hands on the official WhatsApp and want to spice things up a little bit. It’s easier to spread the word about your new and improved WhatsApp mods if you use a variety of mods.

On to the WhatsApp modifications we’ve been talking about: these are usually developed by third parties for those who are frustrated with the main app and want more functionality. Your new and enhanced WhatsApp mods can be shared with loved ones by using these various Mods.

FMWhatsApp (Fouad WhatsApp) – what is it and how does it work?

One of the most widely used WhatsApp APKs is Fouad WhatsApp. Fouad Mokdad, the man behind other popular APKs like FMWhatsApp and Fouad GBWhatsApp, created it.

Similar to other mods, this one lets you change the look and feel of your interface with a variety of themes, backgrounds, and fonts. Fouad WhatsApp also has an app lock with a password that can be changed.

Fouad WhatsApp APK and FMWhatsApp will be discussed in this article, as well as where to obtain the safest versions of the mods. You’ll learn about Fouad WhatsApp APK and FMWhatsApp in this article, as well as how to get them for free.

FMWhatsApp APK Download

What’s the deal with FM Whatsapp, you ask?

An improved version of the official messaging app, FMWhatsApp, is available. Despite the fact that the official WhatsApp does not have any faults, the lack of some functions is the issue. FMWhatsApp’s APK was created by the same developer as Fouad WhatsApp. As a result, you’ll notice that the features of the two mods are nearly identical. There are a few exceptions to this rule, namely the blue buttons.


You’ll be able to access the following features after you’ve installed Fouad WhatsApp on your device: For your own benefit, we recommend that you try each of the products on this list. Fouad WhatsApp has a lot of features that you might not expect:

  • Set wallpapers for the home screen.
  • The ability to add a picture to the bubbles is available.
  • Assume that you’re having a chat with someone who’s either outdoors or inside.
  • Take a group photo either outside or inside.
  • Preview the Entries To begin, select the Style tab. Bold italicized text
  • The color of the line that separates the chats on the main screen
  • The Date Is Still Undecided Color of text on the main screen
  • Date Color in the Main Screen
  • Put color into your main-screen documentation. Chat Screen Text Color
  • Chat Screen Color Mentioned
  • Button shade for playing voice notes.
  • Playback of a voice memo
  • Indicator color for moving forward
  • Background-colored participants should be sent Call Blocker in a Vibrant Color
  • For Android 8.0 and up, a white navigation bar is available.
  • In the Azerbaijani dialect
  • It was created by the YoThemes Store.
  • An automatic ZIP file Brazilian to Portuguese translation is created when a theme is saved.
  • New Call Duplication
  • In group chats, nicknames aren’t being highlighted.
  • Message text size does not work for Arabic.
  • It’s possible to bypass the WhatsApp lock using YoWidget.
  • On 8.0+, there are no color options available.
  • The Yowidget widget does not display properly in Arabic
  • White In order to view an image, the status bar crops the image.
  • Anti-delete messages are included in this section.
  • Deactivated ‘forward tagging’
  • Removes files from the gallery so they can’t be seen
  • Applying a theme does not change the wallpaper
  • Some phones’ WhatsApp is the wrong size.
  • RTL Support, FAB slides right.
  • Speed
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) – Airplane Mode.
FMWhatsApp APK Download

Features of FMWhatsApp

APK mods were born out of a need for enhanced functionality. APK versions of most programs and games are available. There’s no difference between the free and paid versions of WhatsApp. These third-party modifications are in high demand because of the additional features that you can’t find on their original version, and FM WhatsApp provides you with precisely that.

FMWhatsApp’s features and functionality will be demonstrated in this section, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to download it to your device.

Freeze the last time you were spotted.

The initial version of the messaging app enables you to hide your last seen message if you don’t want others to talk to you through the messaging app. As a result, you are unable to see the activity of other users’ accounts, regardless of whether or not they have activated their last seen feature. FMWhatsApp, on the other hand, is unique.

Using FMWhatsApp, you can keep tabs on your friends, but they can’t keep tabs on your back. Using the hack, you may hide your last seen message from prying eyes while still being able to see the last seen of your contacts.

FMWhatsApp’s view status can be hidden.

Have you ever wished you could secretly observe the movements of others? What if you were able to see your friends’ stories without their knowledge? You can accomplish exactly that using FMWhatsApp!

We know it’s a little unnerving, but there are occasions when you want to sneakily watch the videos of the people you’re ghosting. With this in mind, FMWhatsApp has a feature that lets you hide your view status.

Do not reveal delivered items or blue ticks.

Sometimes we’re too busy to respond to our communications, and as a result, your friends’ messages go unanswered. Even if it’s a minor oversight, this can generate friction in close friendships and romantic partnerships. It’s possible that you haven’t come up with the best answer yet. Regardless of the circumstances, hiding the blue tick indication is crucial. When you use FMWhatsApp, the blue tick won’t appear on your friend’s WhatsApp until you’ve replied. As a result, you are free to continue browsing through your messages at your leisure.

Recording and typing actions are hidden:

Have you ever found yourself staring blankly at your phone, unsure of what to do next? Your contact will be mortified if they see you’ve been typing for a long period on the messaging app. Until you’re ready to send, you may chill out with FMWhatsApp and craft the ideal reply.

In order to avoid feeling compelled to respond fast, the mod hides the typing and audio recording indicators.

Send a text message to an unlisted phone number.

Occasionally, we need to communicate with specific phone numbers in order to complete a transaction. If you don’t want their phone number to remain on your contact list, you can remove it from your phone. You can accomplish that and more with FMWhatsApp!

The hack allows you to send messages without having to save the recipient’s phone number in your contacts list. By using this option, you can send an SMS without having to worry about having to erase the number afterward. An internet business owner who needs to communicate with a large number of individuals but has no personal connection to any of them could benefit from this function.

Messages with the “forwarded” tag can be disabled.

If a message is forwarded in the original app, the recipient’s contacts are informed. No longer will you have to worry about getting chastised for your lack of creativity when you share interesting stuff with your friends via FMWhatsApp. For those times when you just can’t face being honest with your friends and family, use FMWhatsApp.

Decide who has permission to contact you

When a caller is persistent in following up with you, it can be quite inconvenient. Previously, you had no control over who could call you and who couldn’t thank to FMWhatsApp. Isn’t it good to have this capability, especially for that friend who has a bad voice?

To keep track of other people’s activity, you may see the tales that they’ve already deleted. There are articles and statuses that have previously been erased in FMWhatsApp.

However, this feature isn’t limited to stories or status updates. A deleted message can still be seen by you, even if it was sent to the wrong person or if your friend mistakenly sent an embarrassing text. You can utilize this function to have a nice time with your pals and make them laugh.


Modifying the widely used WhatsApp messaging program has resulted in the creation of FMWhatsApp. It adds new settings and features not available in the original software.

All the features that users of WhatsApp are asking for are there in FMWhatsApp. This mod has a ton of features you won’t find in the standard WhatsApp, like hiding your current status and customizing your app.

FMWhatsApp possesses the features that WhatsApp users are looking for in the original app. From hiding your current status to customizing your app, this mod is full of options that you won’t usually find in the official WhatsApp.

On the Internet, you can find a variety of download options. You won’t be able to find it in your phone’s app store because it’s not an official version of WhatsApp. Make sure your Internet connection is secure before downloading mods.

Yes. Because the file names of the two mods are different, you can have both of them on your phone at the same time. However, you’ll need to utilize separate phone numbers for each app.


Original WhatsApp works perfectly with the company’s network. As an alternative, FmWhatsApp is an excellent choice for those who want to add a little variation to their App menu. The new features that are missing from the original App can be found in this app. However, if privacy and legality are important to you, you should avoid using the modified version. While the reworked app can provide you with more options, personalization, and customization, it cannot ensure your information is completely protected. We went into great depth for you. After all, it’s up to you to make a decision and accept the consequences. So, analyze your options and make a decision based on your personal preferences. We’re only here to help. However, the choice is always yours.