Fruit Ninja MOD APK v3.6.0 (Unlimited Money)


Fruit Ninja MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a fun arcade game in which you slash fruit to earn points. However, stay away from slicing explosives!
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January 19, 2022
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Fruit Ninja MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a fun arcade game in which you slash fruit to earn points. However, stay away from slicing explosives!

Fruit Ninja MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

About Fruit Ninja

This is a fun fruity game for World Vegetarian Day (we know, it’s not very relevant, but there’s still a reason to bring up an old favorite). The developer of this game is the same as the one behind Jetpack Joyride. Since its release in 2010, this classic game has been extremely popular, with over a hundred million downloads worldwide. This game has been updated with new game modes on a regular basis.


Fruit Ninja is a game for fruit aficionados. You’ll be a part of a world full of bananas, watermelons, pineapples, apples, and other fruits. There’s no need for high-resolution 3D visuals; the game’s 2D graphics will wow any gamer. When you swipe the screen, you get the sense of wielding a razor-sharp sword that can cut through anything.

Fruit Ninja MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Classic mode is still available, but you may now compete for high scores in Arcade mode or simply practice your slicing skills in Zen mode. You can play against other players in multiplayer mode, depending on the degree of competitiveness you observe. In Zen style, you can engage in a duel, or in Classic mode, you can join the attack.

If you log in every day, you’ll be eligible for daily rewards, which include treasures such as special blades that you may use in games. Are you a newcomer to Fruit Ninja? Do you have any experience with the game? Don’t worry, we’ll assist you in realizing your true potential. The objective is simple: cut as many fruits as possible while avoiding explosions. When you figure out how to send a lot of multicolored fruits flying, you’ll be overjoyed and satisfied. The game will terminate if you miss too many fruits or fail to cut the bomb.

Fruit Ninja MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Fruit Ninja’s first mode is Classic Mode, which is the only one available. You must slash as many fruits as can while avoiding explosions and ensuring that the fruit is not missed.

At level 2, you’ll be able to access Zen mode. This is a mode designed to help you unwind. You will not be subjected to any explosives, tension, or punishments. You can keep playing till you become tired of it. Furthermore, at level 4, the Arcade mode is enabled, where you can enjoy the rush of gaining a slicing combo. Attempt to achieve the greatest possible score by performing as many combos as possible. To increase your score, use Double Score, Freeze, and Banana Frenzy.

In addition, when you reach level 9, you can unlock Event mode, Minigames mode, and Challenges mode. When playing as Han, Mari Truffles, or Rinjin in Events, you will have to fight and defeat the game’s most talented Ninja.

You can compete against other players in Online Mode. The game requires you to connect to the Internet in order to play this mode.

Fruit Ninja MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Characters and swords can be unlocked.

Characters such as Truffles (free), Nobu, Katsuro, Mari, Han, and Rinjin are available in Fruit Ninja. Golden Apple can be used to purchase characters.

You can unlock the following blades in Event mode (and use them in Arcade and Classic):

  • Bat Blade: When you slash a watermelon with the sword, bats fly out.
  • When slashing a pomegranate, use an ancient Yoyo Blade.
  • Michkillya Blade is a fictional character.

You may require some advice

The fruit flies into the air reaches the top and then descends slowly for a brief while. Make the most of it by slashing as many combos as you can. To slash more, use multiple fingers at the same time. However, this strategy has two sides. Your screen may be obscured by your fingers. It’s also more likely that you’ll slash a bomb.

Fruit Ninja uses two different currencies:

  • After completing a match, you will receive a specified number of Starfruits. You may use Starfruit to purchase several in-game products.
  • Golden Apple: The game’s premium money. Cash is used to purchase golden apples.

MOD APK version of Fruit Ninja

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Starfruit and Gems increase when spent!

Download Fruit Ninja APK MOD for Android

a very popular game in which you will be playing as a ninja, but you will not have to battle bad or other opponents; instead, you will simply chop the fruit that will fly up to the top, but be cautious, since in their place will be bombed. Collect coins to spend on a variety of upgrades and new katana. The game has stunning and realistic graphics, as well as a wide range of special effects. Fruit Ninja mod apk is an excellent way to test your response time and finger dexterity.