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Compared to WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Apk is more entertaining and has a superior user interface. You get a lot more than if you stick with the official app.
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November 23, 2021
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Compared to WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Apk is more entertaining and has a superior user interface. You get a lot more than if you stick with the official app.



GBWhatsApp has a new that you may be interested in. If you answered yes, you’ve come to the correct spot. People who utilize numerous accounts on WhatsApp are increasingly turning to this technique. This post will discuss some of the benefits of using Whatsapp GB, including the ability to have numerous accounts.

What is it?

GBWhatsApp is a modified official that has been improved and personalized. Based on the WhatsApp Plus, which was abandoned by the Official developers when they simplified WhatsApp, this is a new version. We have GBWA because of the WhatsApp+, which you can simply alter as a developer. GB WhatsApp utilizes the same license and protocol as Official, but with a modified UI for extra functionality.

GBWhatsApp apk download

A well-known, GB WhatsApp (GBWA) official is one of the most popular messaging applications available for Android. Whatsapp in GB for Android download WhatsApp, a GBWA program, is now familiar to almost every smartphone user. Surely you’re not? “Yes” is what I hear you say. The free of our Apk allows us to communicate via text, audio and video calls, etc. In addition to these capabilities, Official also allows us to share locations, documents and contacts with others.

A comparison

The biggest advantage of GBWA is that it can be installed alongside your regular WhatsApp without interfering in any way. The Apk will still work with your new number as a completely standalone chat app after it’s been installed. Whatsapp GB has a ton of features and is constantly being improved. There are also a lot of new themes and a much better privacy policy. Also, you may send GIF messages to select people and disable them. It is possible to modify tick styles as well. Most suitable for those who wish to utilize two accounts on the same phone or tablet.

Whatsapp’s secret functions may be discovered with the help of this app. To enjoy two separate accounts on the same device, you need this app. More than 90 photos may be transmitted at once instead of 10 photographs in Whatsapp GB, and you can hide your online status.

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In the UI, there is nothing to confuse you. Most applications are fairly comparable to the standard version of Whatsapp and have no substantial modifications. This program aims to offer advanced features that are not accessible on the official. Yeah, you may change the app’s design and feel according to your needs.

The set-up is also the same as the usual process, including checking the telephone number and restoring Whatsapp. You must enable the “Unknown Sources” option in Securité as opposed to the official. A variety of permissions are also requested to work correctly in the program. You can utilize the features without any issues when the program has been installed.

Download GBWhatsapp for Android and its features

Please see below some of the best and most useful features of GBWhatsapp APK that you may want to install on your Android device. Among the features of this software are Hiding the Last Seen, Hiding the Second Tick and Hiding the Blue Tick, among others. Download GB Whatsapp apk now and use it on your device. As well as Custom Themes, you may also personalize this app by your preference. Here’s a look at it from the bottom up.


Best Features

All the Features

You won’t be able to use any of the fundamental functions by installing this apk. It only gives you more access to the program. Each feature may still be enjoyed without any issues. Whenever a new Whatsapp is published, developers are upgrading the app. This prevents problems of incompatibility with the official.

No Clash with the Official

As noted, no documented problems exist between this and the official installed on the same device. Without understanding the procedures, the app works well with the official. You may have several Whatsapps on the same smartphone. The developers are continually fixing known problems, making it consistently compatible with the most recent version.

Advanced Editing and Messaging Functionalities

GBWhatsapp supplements with various editing options. Up to 35 characters can be defined, other person statistics can be copied on your clipboard, up to 600 individuals send a broadcast message, up to 90 photos can be sent in one click rather than 10 images, 255 instead of 139 characters, Whatsapp copied, and more can be done with the program. In summary, you get full dominance over the application with several more capabilities.

Many Emojis have been added

You don’t have to customize your Whatsapp with emoticons. The GBWhatsapp is supplied with hundreds of additional emojis to improve your messages. To have a pleasant chat session, you don’t have to install an extra Emoji keyboard.

Hide the Blue Ticks

With the GBWhatsapp, several features like the blue ticks on messages, the most recent view, the second tick and the alert message may be hidden. This means that your privacy is always maintained and your actions on Whatsapp can never be monitored by the other person. You may also conceal the private status of your account for increased privacy.

GBWhatsapp Themes and Customization

Why don’t you change the Whatsapp design if you’re ready to build something for yourself? The program GBWhatsapp has various possibilities for editing and customizing your subject matter. The generated theme may même be uploaded to the GBWhatsapp community to make others feel at home. So, try once the GBWhatsapp has been installed.


To secure the Watsapp or other messengers, you typically need a third-party program. However, you can safeguard your data using GBWhatsapp, without any third-party programs being installed. The application itself offers an option that allows you to lock it and restrict outside access. Isn’t it amazing?

Multilingual Languages

With 100+ pre-installed language support, the latest edition of the GBWhatsapp comes. You can select one and enjoy messages in your own mother tongue. You may always enjoy Whatsapp in your own language, whether you are from the USA or Spain. Thanks to devs from GBWhatsapp.

Other Features

  • Anti-Ban & Ban Proof.
  • No Need for Root Access.
  • Hide your last seen Ever (Privacy Option).
  • Hide double tick/second tick.
  • Zooming of Profile Pictures (Awesome Feature).
  • Emoji’s Changer / Gb WhatsApp themes.
  • You will get an alert if your friend has changed his image.
  • Video size 30 MB.
  • Audio clip size up to 100 MB now.
  • Send 90 images at once instead of 10.
  • Alerts if your friend has changed his own image.
  • Counter statistics for groups.
  • Change the missed calls icon and change the colour of the calls.
  • View the media without loading.
  • Custom Theme mode.
  • Copy anyone Status by a Simple Click on The Status.
  • Stop receiving calls from anyone you want to, or for everyone.

Risks Of Using GBWhatsApp

WhatsApp is presently the most widely used app for messaging, audio and video sharing. Many new Types such as Whatsapp Plus, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp Prime and others have been released. However, among all these WhatsApp Mods, the most commonly used app is the GBWhatsApp download. Its characteristics have shown that both the original and the modified versions are better. Some of its characteristics may be seen below:

  • You can hide the blue tick, tick, and status online.
  • Multiple languages are supported.
  • You can lock those individual chats with a password if you talk to someone in private.
  • Depending on your selection you may select the WhatsApp theme and even share it with the developer to include it to their themes.
  • You may also place WhatsApp tales in limitless order.
  • You may also share movies up to 16GB.


Is safe?

Answer: It is Safe, but I will not give 100% because of GB WhatsApp, not an official release.

Is ban proof?

Answer: This is Anti-Ban Apk but sometimes WhatsApp ban your account temperately.

Can I use it?

Answer: The only way for WhatsApp users to be banned is when GBWhatsApp (official) noticed it. There are not many reports that individuals have undergone some legal accountabilities simply because they need to be using GBWhatsApp.

Is video call safe?

Answer: GB Whatsapp is just a modified Appearance and User Interface Of the App, It Does not Modify anything else. Therefore Video Calls through GB Whatsapp are completely Secure.

How to install GB WhatsApp Download without Losing chats/Media?

Please take a backup of your data before installing the GB WhatsApp. Gbwhatsapp Apk may be installed using our technique.

Exporting Your Chats to your local storage

  1. Open your WhatsApp and click on the 3 dots and tap the settings options from the pop-up.
  2. Now head over to the chats option and tap on the Chat backup.
  3. Now that you will find options to store and backup your chats and media to your local storage or to your Google drive.
  4. Authenticate your Drive account to WhatsApp and backup your chats to Google drive.
  5. After installing GBWhatsApp on your phone Open GBWhatsApp.
  6. On GBWhatsApp Start screen click backup and restore your normal WhatsApp Chats and Medias

Download GBWhatsApp APK for Android

And much more features are available in This GBWhatsApp Apk, you can download this app now on your device, and enjoy its features. Download The Latest Version of This app now from the top available direct download link.