KineMaster MOD APK v5.2.8.23380.GP (Pro Unlocked, No Watermark)

KineMaster MOD APK (Pro Unlocked, No Watermark) makes video editing a blast! With a variety of flexible tools, KineMaster makes video editing simple.
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January 17, 2022
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KineMaster MOD APK (Pro Unlocked, No Watermark) makes video editing a blast! With a variety of flexible tools, KineMaster makes video editing simple.

About KineMaster

KineMaster may be a comprehensive video editing software designed for iOS and Android supported devices. This full-featured app comes with exciting features and multiple tools for precise trimming and cutting of audio, text, images, video, and effects. Using KineMaster allows users to make engaging and professional-level videos by having unprecedented control over their video creations.

What makes KineMaster popular is its user-friendly editing tools which will alter video effects and transition with quality and precision. This software can take your videos to an entirely new dimension. If you dream of becoming a moment star or are a serial video publisher, KineMaster offers limitless possibilities on social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, and lots more.

What is KineMaster?

KineMaster is the best professional editing application for Android. Also, this application has lots of editing packs for editing. It will give to editors, background editing process, media layers method, timeline with multiple timelines, audio tracks, chromakey, and stickers. If you want to become a professional video editor, we prefer this application for you.

KineMaster is a completely free version and if you want to mare features for editing you need to unlock the premium version. In the premium version, you get unlocked all features for free. In this video editing application, you can make TikTok, Vlog, YouTube videos, Instagram videos, and much more.

KineMaster has a very simple interface with easy to use. If you are new to KineMaster editing, It will very easy to access and edit the video. You no more need to know about this application. If you don’t know about anything, just go to YouTube lot of YouTubers upload videos about this application guide.

Variety of filters available in KineMaster

KineMaster Download and Remix Projects

Compared to other editing applications, KineMaster has a lot of filters with variety. This application gives you, what type of filter you need. All filters have been able to add in any type of video, clips, scenes, and much more. If you are fresher for this application, don’t worry about video designing. Because at the beginning of the edit, KineMaster asks if you use theme effects on your video. You can choose the available theming effect. If you don’t have those types of effects or theming effects, just ignore them.

Transition effects, stickers, and much more tools

KineMaster is not only for just cropping, adjusting, and cut some clips. It will give the user can edit videos with transition effects. The transition effect is the best part of video editing. Because the Transition effect will engage the two videos with animation. Without animation effects, it does not look more eye-catching.

Stickers are one of the important parts of video editing. If you are an Instagram story uploader or YouTube Shorts lover, you definitely need this feature. So KineMaster gives this amazing feature for you. Add media layer method to you can add multiple stickers at a time in the video editing process.

KineMaster Add Awesome Assets
KineMaster Add Awesome Assets

YouTubers make a video with a background green or blue screen. So those YouTubers need to remove the background in their video. Green and Blue screen remover is only available in PC video editing software only. But KineMaster destroys that rule. Because KineMaster has a chroma key feature to remove the background color. In this application most and the best feature is the chroma key feature. With one click to remove your background color. So you don’t need to buy any PC or Laptops for this thing.

Why KineMaster called Professional Video Editor?

There are lots of reasons nothing to make a professional video editor, There are lots of editing tools that will make a professional video editor. With available filters and effects to you can make videos with needed purposes. This application will help to choose the specific color or effects for each video. Also, you can add the voiceover, music, SFX audios, background music in one video.

Not only for video editors, If you are a gamer you can able to cut your gaming videos, add effects on clips, changing color effects on each clip, add some SFX in gaming video and much more types of editing are available in this editing application.

Style Your Text
KineMaster Style Your Text

Some outstanding features in KineMaster

Never skills needed: KineMaster is the best easy-to-use application forever in Android. No more need for skills to use this application. In PC, some software like Adobe Premiere, Adobe after effects, Sony Vegas, and more software need skills to use this software. This application now runs on Android and iOS devices so you no more need a PC for using this application.

Optimized: You never need a high-performing PC for video editing. The special feature of this application, if you have a mid-end mobile device don’t worry. It will automatically optimize the application device capability. The first time open this application, it will analyze your device and collect information to your processor details. Those collections will help to optimize the KineMaster based on your device.

Offline mode: KineMaster never needs internet connection access for the video editing process. Your editing process is automatically saved on your device. You can access any time on this application. This feature to you can able to save your data while editing. This offline mode edit will help the user can make the video any time and edit the video at any place.

Chroma Key
Kinemaster Chroma Key

Pros and Cons of KineMaster


  1. It supports 1280p*720p max, but if video resolution is over it converts it into compatible and good 720p resolution while editing.
  2. it’s multilayer supported so you’ll easily add multiple audio and video clips.
  3. it supports text, media, and everyone sort of image overlay of all formats.
  4. it’s good audio edition also like, increasing pitch and a few effects like deep voice, speed etc.
  5. Chroma key which may be a different feature than other popular video editors, filmora etc; which is employed to vary the background of the video.
  6. it gives all basic video editor features like trimmingvoice dubbing etc.


  1. kinemaster have a pro version which only unlocks the watermark, none aside from that.
  2. It didn’t support audio formats of voice recording like (.wav and .aac)
  3. there’s a limited layer around 20 only which you’ll insert it means you cannot use it for bigger works
  4. It doesn’t support 4k and 1980*1280p video formats.

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Well Organized User Interface

Some mobile editing applications have extremely simple interfaces with far less capability than you would find in software editing. The UI is more exhaustive on KineMaster.

The bottom half of the screen consists of an overall schedule with the main video layer on top, further underlying video layers and the lower audio layers. A preview monitor is located at the upper left of the screen. On the upper right-hand side, there is a wheel with several media options, including the albums, the camera and the KineMaster inventory. Choosing a clip replaces that wheel with the many effects and tweaks that you may add.

It’s a beautiful and easy design and it doesn’t take long to work out all the options and discover them. It’s straightforward to switch, drag and trim clips between layers. The relevance of the primary video layer has several limits. Unlike the additional layers, this layer can have no gaps in it and defines the video’s duration.

Beast Editing Mode for You

KineMaster enables you to operate on several layers of video, depending on the power of your device. Overlays (such as text and stickers) are less computational, and KineMaster looks to be as numerous as you require.

The initial layer is called Primary Timeline, and KineMaster does not let any breakage: remove one clip and any other on the left until they join the remainder of the edit. This is handy as you can quickly create an edit. There is no limit to the secondary timelines and you may put nothing wherever you need it – as long as it is a primary timeline clip.

Note that the primary timeline defines the duration of the project playback stops once the playing head is at the end of the final clip on that layer regardless of whether further images are available on additional layers. Many tools such as color filters, cuts, rotation, and opacity are accessible to you and there’s also a key tool for chroma. The speed of every specific clip is controlled via a slider.

Colour and lighting: There are sliders to modify brightness, contrast, saturation, and so on when you want to adjust the aesthetic of the footage. There is also a large selection of filters in Instagram-style available. For less experienced editors, this makes it easy to look at their films quickly, however, the absence of sophisticated tuning means if you are seeking a professional color rating it is not the ideal solution.

Blending: You may utilize blending modes when you wish to modify how a clip on an extra layer interacts with the layers below. Anyone using Photoshop overlay, multiply, soft light, hard light, and so on – know the choice of modes and they all function well, but there is still a limited possibility for sophistication.

chroma key: A chroma key function is also available. This can eliminate green panels, such as placing a presenter before a graphical background, and a variety of settings are available to improve the impact.

Title graphics: You have two alternatives to add word graphics to your films add text layer or utilize clip-graphics, which are more difficult pre-made effects. You may move the text where you like on the timeline by using the layers and changing other features. The video graphics are less versatile since they have to link to a special clip on the main video layer and might appear very gimmicky, such as the title of a cartoon explosion.

Transitions: Transitions between one clip and the next are straightforward to discover and apply. However, the variety is restricted and many seem to be gimmicky and kitsch, such as a cardiac wipe, as for the title graphics. Transitions to the primary video layer are likewise restricted to clippings. Clips of other layers may be animated into and out, but they cannot be crossed with neighboring clips through transitions.

Audio effects: Just like video, you may have several layers of audio clips, and a number of options to alter them are amazing. You may modify the loudness of each clip to blend it with other clips by changing the total audio level. Multiple EQ filters are available such as bass reduction and boosting, and reverb effects make the footage seem like some potential places. And, though it’s gimmicky, there’s a range of entertaining effects that make your voice sound like a chipmunk, a robot, and so on.

Pro Sbscription Cost

When you start KineMaster for the first time you will get a quick introduction to the features offered and an appeal to sign up for its subscription every week, to obtain new filters, effects, stickers etc. There are two choices available: $4.99 per month (€3.49) or $39.99 per year ( £18.49). (the latter also comes with a free 7-day trial). You may be tempted if this happens by tapping on ‘X’ at the upper left of the page to forget the subscription model entirely.

They will provide this best video editor at a high cost, so we plan to provide KineMaster Pro MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) free for our MODAPKHIVE users. Below of article, you can download and install the Premium Unlocked application.

MOD APK Version of KineMaster

KIneMaster Pro (Premium) version gives you all premium versions for free. Install this application to enjoy the all features for free.

Mod Features

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Subscription unlocked
  • Watermark removed
  • Ads removed
  • Analytics disabled
  • Assets store unlocked
  • Fixed video exporting problem
  • Video export up to 4K quality with 60FPS
  • Unlocked professional video editing tools
  • Chroma key unlocked
  • Reverse tool unlocked

Download Kinemaster Pro Mod APK for Android

Overall this application is the best place to learn and deploy video editing skills. And it will help you become a professional video editor on the Android platform. Download our KineMaster Pro MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) to get premium features for free and export watermark-free videos. Link available in below the article. Don’t miss it, Grab it now!.