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Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) you can play various types of music: pop, rap, acapella, EDM, jazz, instrumental. A thousand songs are waiting for you.
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January 8, 2022
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Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) you can play various types of music: pop, rap, acapella, EDM, jazz, instrumental. A thousand songs are waiting for you.

Magic Tiles 3: An Overview

If you’re a music fan and want to get your hands on the keys, this is the course for you. Do you think this is interesting? To play the finest piano game, visit Magic Tiles 3. As long as you have a mobile device, you can download and play this game for free. This is one of the best piano games out there. Furthermore, gamers will be drawn in by the game’s excellent playability.

It was developed by a Vietnamese startup, Amanotes, which provides the game. More than 80 million people around the world have downloaded Magic Tiles 3 since it was launched in 2014. Even if you’re not much of a musician, this game can teach you how to play well-known tunes like a pro.

Download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked VIP)

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Play some of your favourite music.

Compared to Magic Tiles 2 and 3, Magic Tiles 3 doesn’t have much new to offer. Simply tap the black piano keys that are running toward your screen, while avoiding the white ones. Practising and playing the black keys will help you become a better player of the pleasant melody.

Just because you assume that this game is just like that, doesn’t mean it is, because once you miss a black key or touch a white button, your song will be over instantly. The song’s tempo picks up after each chorus, so you’ll need to stay focused and have quick reflexes.

This is a music-based game, therefore the music is at the heart of its appeal. When compared to the classical music of Magic Tiles 2, Magic Tiles 3 is far superior. You can log in to Facebook and share your achievements with your friends using the game’s Facebook integration.

In addition to the piano, you can also play a variety of additional instruments, such as a trumpet or a drum set. In addition, the selection of music has been carefully chosen to help you relax. You’ll get the opportunity to listen to more than 200 songs. Furthermore, the publisher updates modern music on a regular basis. Level and money are both needed to unlock each track.

Download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked VIP)

The game’s rules

Like other piano games. This is a simple game that might be improved upon. The game’s rules aren’t difficult to understand. Touching the black tiles on the screen is all that is required. The faster you tap, the faster the screen moves. At that point, many more black and white cells will form. To avoid touching the white cells, players must have quick hands and quick eyes. If you break the rules, you’ll lose instantly. In addition, the black cells must be arranged in a specific way. If you want to get ahead, don’t leap for it. If the rules are broken, the game is finished.

Music from many different genres and hot songs

It’s not only the gaming that matters here. Even catchy music will entice you. The game’s producer has included music from a variety of genres. For yourself, you may hear all of the music, from the soft to the forceful. There are a wide variety of musical genres to choose from, including POP, EDM, classical, and Latin…. Each genre has a wide variety of songs to choose from. Is there a piece of music that best fits your current mood? Music has a way of lifting your spirits and making you smile.

Ensure that players get the greatest possible experience at all times. Magic Tiles 3 constantly provides the most enjoyable and exhilarating experiences for its gamers. When playing this game, you’ll both be entertained by the game and the music. You’ll feel accomplished after playing the game. As if you had written the music from scratch. The game is constantly updated to incorporate the newest and most popular music on the market. Switching between a variety of the most recent music will keep you from becoming bored.

Download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked VIP)

Become a piano Artist

Everyone must have made blunders when starting a new job. Nervousness and inability to concentrate might lead to a swift loss in Magic Tiles 3. Get started as a fantastic musician by picking a song that you love. You’ll be completely engrossed by the music. Since the keys are on your hands are “jumping.” When you touch the black keys, you’ll notice a distinct difference. The keys are where it all begins for a piece of music to succeed.

Installing the titles

Additional rules for playing include touching the black squares until the song completes. You can easily win by pressing as many keys as possible in a short period of time. As a bonus, while the music is at its peak, the game also has blue cells. Your music will sound better and more rhythmic if players touch and hold the keys at the end of the square. To ensure that the remaining tiles aren’t damaged, players must keep an eye on the clock, since each tile will run out of turn. The game is over if you commit an error!

Download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked VIP)

Wide range of games to play

Even though this is the primary game option, there is only room for a single person. Battles can also be selected in the settings. Those with similar interests will be invited to the event based on the song you enjoy the best. The winner will be determined by a duel between two participants. You liken yourself to a mediocre piece of music. It’s imperative that you avoid even the tiniest of mistakes. You can lose even the tiniest sliver of your humanity. Make sure you don’t commit any mistakes. Be aware.

Download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked VIP)

Well-appreciated award

In contrast to other games of this type, Magic Tiles 3 does not give players things or artefacts as rewards. In order to win, players must beat their own records on all of the tracks. There are valuable “diamonds” parts that you will get as a reward. It will get you pumped up to get out there and play. After each win, a random song will be unlocked. Maybe you’ve been listening to it for years. One or more favourite songs can be purchased with diamonds. Try to win more unusual prizes.


Ads appear frequently in most free games, which is a nuisance. As a result, there’s no fresh gameplay to be found in the game. It’s also possible to enjoy a variety of tracks in each stage. The music keys’ speed and look constantly change. You don’t need a certain approach when you play games.

The solution is to get Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK, which has a VIP and ad-free version so that you don’t have to deal with annoying advertising. As a bonus, the MOD version will have endless lives and gems available.

Vip features are available to you

This is a free game, but the unique elements of this one may surprise you. As of right now, the VIP component of the game includes exclusive parts. You won’t have to deal with annoying third-party adverts thanks to this functionality. In addition, 5000 of the most popular songs are immediately available for download. You will be revived for free (no diamonds to buy) and be able to play non-stop as a special bonus.

MOD APK Version of Magic Tiles 3

Mod Fetures

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Heart
  • Auto Perfect

Download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK for Android

Guitar, piano, and drums are all at your disposal in this classic arcade game. Musical instruments were only available in early versions of the game, but in the current iteration, which we are discussing, you can play any of these hypostases. To play, you must tap on running tiles of varied sizes at the right time to create musical masterpieces. Excellent graphics, exciting and rhythmic action, and the chance to show off your composition skills are all included in Magic Tiles 3 mod apk. Enhance your game with a range of elements that will keep things interesting.