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Panda Gamepad Pro APK (Patched/Full License), you can easily control and handle your smartphone using a gamepad.
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October 31, 2021
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Panda Gamepad Pro APK (Patched/Full License), you can easily control and handle your smartphone using a gamepad.

Panda Gamepad Pro apk

About Panda Gamepad Pro

These days, many shooting games have a ton of buttons, like PUBG, Fortnite, and BGMI. And it will be difficult to manage yourself if you don’t put in a lot of practice time. However, you can now attach your gamepad to your PC and control it more easily and quickly than ever before thanks to this fantastic application.

Panda Gaming Studio created the Panda Gamepad Pro in hopes of making gaming on mobile devices easier for gamers. Despite the fact that this is only the Beta edition, many people are intrigued by it. So, what are the most notable characteristics of this model? Come along with me and find out!

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Keymapper was created with the gamepad in mind.

To begin, start the game on your phone using this app and then plug in your gamepad. When you’re done, Panda Gamepad Pro will give you a traditional gamepad with all of the capabilities listed above. After that, you’ll have to connect the buttons so that they suit the phone’s touch buttons. The final step is to join and take part in your favourite game when the installation and configuration processes have been completed. Isn’t it clear-cut?

Features of Panda Gamepad Pro

The application’s first standout characteristic is its simplicity; users have little trouble navigating around it and discovering all of its capabilities. The application’s simplified user interface helps players feel at ease because they can quickly get acclimated to it.

In addition, Panda Gamepad Pro is packed with a slew of useful features, including a straightforward user interface. In order to use the gamepad in other applications, you must clone your program. As a result, your home screen will have two apps that are very similar. This is a drawback because you can think you’re using the usual program when you’re actually using the inactive handle, wasting time until you log in again. Instead of having to copy and paste, Panda Gamepad Pro lets you immediately use the program.

Other capabilities include the ability to log in and synchronize settings with your Google Play account using the app. If you want to reload the device or buy a new phone, you may still use the previously updated settings. This is incredibly convenient.

Panda Gamepad Pro


Although this application has numerous advantages, it is currently in Beta, and as a result, it has many limitations. However, the mouse and wireless keyboards are not supported by Panda Gamepad Pro. As a result, keep this in mind to avoid being perplexed as to why the device isn’t recognized by the application.

The fact that you have to root your device is a major drawback. It’s well-known that rooting a phone is a dangerous process that, if done incorrectly, can turn your phone into a brick. However, you can also use an external trigger to launch the application if you have a computer. Additionally, the publisher has included step-by-step directions that you may simply follow.

Because it’s a beta, there’s a chance the game won’t run as well as it should. By interfering with the game with an external program, you can make it more memory- and CPU-intensive, which can lead to jerks and slowness on a shaky phone.


As a result, have you ever experimented with using your smartphone as a portable gaming console? The linked gaming support devices have been created quite actively in light of the recent release of various games for large smartphones. Emulators like MFi are used in a variety of games such as PUBG, AoV, and a slew of others. This has been pre-optimized, so players will only have a pleasant experience with it. Real mobile gamers, on the other hand, immerse themselves in their games to the point when tapping the screen and not taking in the entire scene is inconvenient.

All current games can be played on a set of handheld gamepads. As a result, your smartphone has evolved into a full-fledged portable gaming system. In addition, compatibility with all the features you desire is a challenge. Many users rely on Panda Gamepad Pro, a gamepad mapper. All the game’s basic settings can be changed using this application so that it matches the new gamepad you bought.

Furthermore, a gamepad portable like this includes a slew of useless extra buttons. Installing hidden features (functions that require additional activation) next to your finger is an advantage for gamers. As an illustration, players don’t utilize the gadget; activating the feature takes up to 2 seconds, but you can do it three or four times faster. Features like reading maps or chatting with colleagues only have a short-term impact on performance; on the other hand, more time-consuming operations like reloading firearms or employing talents have a noticeable impact.

Many different games are compatible with it

There will always be support for most action games that use a virtual joystick button. The keymapper system is clever since it recognizes all of the game’s virtual buttons and lets you configure the gamepad button that corresponds to them. That’s why there are so many skill-based spam games like Mobile Legends, PUBG, and others… Panda Gamepad Pro is unquestionably secure; you won’t have to worry about your account being locked out or anything else going wrong.

Panda Gamepad Pro apk

Note Before Use

When you’re ready to install this program, there are a few considerations to make. Since it’s designed exclusively for usage with a gamepad, additional peripherals like a keyboard and mouse won’t work with it. Activating it using root or PC activation is required if you wish to utilize it. The application will be pre-loaded with step-by-by-step instructions that you can simply follow. In general, it is capable of recognizing and installing a wide range of popular gamepads nowadays. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about it being downloaded to your smartphone. It should go without saying that this is a BETA version, so expect some kinks. When that happens, all you have to do is reset the animals to their default state.

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Download Panda Gamepad Pro APK for Android

Panda Gamepad Pro is an excellent program that’s a breeze to use. There are a few niggling issues, so users will have to pitch in to fix them. Please tell the publisher if you run into any problems while using the software so that they can correct and improve it. Check out this great program for yourself by clicking on the free download link provided at the end of the article.