Truecaller Premium v11.83.5 MOD + APK (Gold ID)

Name Truecaller
Genre Communication
Version 11.83.5
MOD Features Gold/Premium
Size 86M
Requires Android up to 4.4
Price FREE
Updated On October 21, 2021 (1 day ago)

Truecaller (MOD, Premium) is an app that has features of caller-id, call-blocking, messaging, call-recording, Chat & Voice and etc.

Table of contents
  1. About Truecaller
    1. Call and SMS Blocking
    2. How Truecaller Works
    3. Find caller ID
    4. Advanced spam detection and block
    5. Smart messenger
    6. Call recording
    7. Loan service
    8. Backup the SMS and Call history
    9. Premium and Gold Memberships
    10. Premium membership
    11. Gold membership
    12. Unlist your name from the directory TrueCaller
  2. MOD Version of Truecaller
    1. Premium Unlocked APK
    2. MOD Info
    3. Latest MOD Info
    4. FAQ
  3. Download Truecaller Premium MOD APK for Android
Truecaller MOD APK

About Truecaller

Truecaller APK for the purpose of posting text messages or for your calls. The app offers a beautiful dialling environment that can be used to call any number or block incoming calls and messages. You can also record conversations, keep a cloud call history, and a number of other useful features. The blocking function of this app uses its unwanted caller database. You can even create a blacklist if you get a lot of spam calls.

TrueCaller is the smartphone application that reveals users who call, even if they are not in the address book of the user. It provides information about calls outside of your address books, such as marketers and spam callers. It can also protect you from being bothered by needless phone rings by blocking undesirable calls. With tens of millions of users, the app is becoming quite popular. It’s extremely efficient to recognize, block and match names and numbers undesirable calls. Read this article to the end now before installing it immediately. Your decision might be a bit more complicated.

Truecaller premium APK

Call and SMS Blocking

Truecaller is primarily a super-powerful caller ID application. It informs you, whoever you call, from any place and from whatever place. You won’t notice “anonymous” or “private number” on a call any longer. You are also protected from disruptive trade calls or wet-blanket calls.

If you are being called by a blocked number, the caller hears a busy signal and you hear nothing. Truecaller produces just a useful visual message with information about the caller. It also features a call log and searches history combination, however, it is concealed from the search page as a sub-page. I felt it was rather complicated, and I believe that the unified history of calling and searching did not assist me.

You will receive notifications when a banned number sends you an SMS message and you will not receive a log. This lack of openness I really didn’t like. I might wish to know what they have to tell, or when they tried to call me, even when I have blocked a number. If nothing else, I want to see anything an app does.

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How Truecaller Works

An essential question about Truecaller is how it functions. During the installation, the access of your phone book to the large database on the server is authorised (which is part of the deal before the app is used). In this way, you process the information that you have on each person with what you find on the telephone books of other individuals about the single person. This is what you call crowdsourcing. You collect information from all Truecaller phone users and use artificial intelligence to create patterns and data components that match names and numbers. They utilize crawlers, predictive technologies, and other methods. In fact, the crawler is also stinging.

Truecaller gold APK

They collect information from the TrueCaller user phones, which they use to create patterns and data components that match names and numbers using a type of artificial intelligence, through crawlers and predictive technologies. The crawler also uses VoIP and instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber and others.

Find caller ID

Every mobile user is stuck at finding the unknown number of the user names. Truecaller helped to find the real user name of that unknown number. This is the world no1 caller ID finder and high speed to identify the caller. When your Android device receives a call from the outer, one popup notification will appear on the screen. That popup notification will show who calls you. Every day we receive many spam and marketing calls but those are very useless to our life. With this application find out the number is normal to call or spam call. If the number was already reported as spam, you see the spam button near the caller’s name.

Advanced spam detection and block

Truecaller has integrated with more advanced spam detection and that will help to found any spam numbers. Very faster to identify the incoming calls and that spam detection identify the caller to block the number. After blocking the marketing or spam call, you just receive a small notification in the notification panel. Now, in this digital world, there are a lot of fraudulent callers, spam numbers, hacking numbers, and marketing number calls has been increased. Every Android smartphone user must have to install this application for their security purpose.

Smart messenger

Not only made for caller and dialer methods. Truecaller comes with the smart messaging feature and that feature very helps to share messages with your friends. Built-in message application is not comfortable and has no more features via sending or receiving messages. So the application provides you to complete all features that are future-based. This smart messenger automatically and faster to find the SMS. Advanced spam detection is very easy to find the incoming spam messages and directly through to the trash box.

In addition, Truecaller detects advertising messages and newly come spam messages. Thanks to this application developer, because he saves your time from watching unwanted messages on your mobile. Moreover, It will order and organize the SMS by personal SMS, Important SMS, other SMS, and spam. So every user can see the SMS by organized listing orders. This smart messenger allows users to transfer the amount with one tap via SMS. Create a group and add your friend or family members to your created group. Important lab sections are available and that will help you to track the information about all transactions.

Call recording

Truecaller provided this feature is very useful for everyone. Because many Android devices don’t have a call recording feature. If you want to record all calls, you need to install the call recorder application. But this application solves that problem and records all calls without click the record button. Yeah, every incoming and outgoing call is automatically recorded. Personally, I love this feature and now I’m using this call record feature. Now your mind has going to ask one question to yourself that is “Where my call recording is going to save?”. Don’t worry every call recordings are directly through to save on your internal storage.

Loan service

Every user’s main problem is money so the Truecaller was very easy to help that problem. Yeah, Truecaller comes with a 100% digitalized loan service with minimum requirements of documents. This is a wonderful feature for those who need a loan and you never need to go to the bank. Full and full safe with quick and very easy to get. Your minimum requirements of documents will help you to get fast loan approval. Jus you can pay a small amount of money every month and build your small business from your loan amount. These are the loan details:

  • Minimum loan amount: ₹5,000
  • Maximum loan amount: ₹5,00,000
  • Annual interest percentage: From 16% – 39%
  • Processing fees percentage: From 2% – 8%

For example, you get the personal loan amount of ₹50,000 with an annual interest rate of 18% (APR), then the repayment tenure up to 24 months, that time ₹11,679 charged in interests and fees.

Backup the SMS and Call history

When you start using Truecaller, the application was started to backup your SMS and call history. All backup items are stored in your current login account. So you can any time to see the all backups using your login ID. Additionally, every organized SMS is directly imported as organized SMS. When you delete your currently logged-in account, those imported backups are removed from your Android phone. If you want to deactivate your account from Truecaller, just go to settings and deactivate your account. After deactivation, all backups are deleted from your account database.

Premium and Gold Memberships

In order to satisfy your needs as well as provide the best features for you, Truecaller now provides two premium packages, Premium and Gold Membership. In addition to accessing the requisite functionality for free, you can also see in-depth who is viewing your profile. You also have the option of secretly browsing other profiles. This Paid edition allows you to use unrestricted recording features compared to the free version and chat with individuals concurrently without thinking about an interstitial advertisement.

Premium membership

In the free version, too many advertisements will appear and that will irritate you while using Truecaller. You hate advertisements you need to buy the premium plan to upgrade your account. Those premium plans are very useful and have many features. In the premium version, you have never seen the advertisements wh you using the application. Know about the persons who viewed your profile in this application. But the normal user doesn’t know who sees their profile. These are available in premium upgrade:

  • Ads removed
  • Know about who viewed your profile
  • Get advanced blocking and filters
  • View other profiles privately
  • Premium badge appear on your profile
  • Contact requests increased up to 30
  • Record all calls (Currently not supported on Android 9 and above versions)

Gold membership

Truecaller Gold membership gives more advanced features and that will show you stand out from others. Compared to premium and normal users, Gold membership users look very unique. This membership includes all premium features. When you receive your call from others, your ID appears with a golden design. Moreover, the Truecaller community support team gives high priority to gold membership users.

Unlist your name from the directory TrueCaller

If you unsubscribe from the directory, you prohibit others from searching the TrueCaller directory to view your name, phone and profile information. You may use the Unlist phone numbers page to swiftly fill out the form. Note that you also have to cease using the app and disable your account by unlisting your number. You must move out of the system entirely.

You may still use the app online through their main page even if you don’t want to utilize the app have unlisted your directory number. But just numbers, not names, can be specified.

After you unsubscribe, your number will be missing within 24 hours from the search results. But is it going to be wiped completely? With where was it shared? We do not know. We do not know.

MOD Version of Truecaller

Truecaller MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is a more advanced version of the original Truecaller that gives you access to the Gold membership’s premium features. Truecaller provides fantastic utilities and unique experiences when it comes to making phone calls, with over 250 million users globally.

Premium Unlocked APK

Truecaller Premium Gold APK is a default calling and messaging software that recognizes unfamiliar callers, prevents nuisance calls, and displays the names and photographs of your callers, even if they aren’t in your contact list. As a result, it’s an app worth installing on your Android device.

MOD Info

  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • Gold Membership Unlocked
  • Lite APK
  • Different Themes

Latest MOD Info

  • All Premium & Gold Features Unlocked
  • Gold Caller Id Unlocked
  • Ads Removed
  • Amold Dark Theme
  • Orange In Light & Pink In Dark.


Is it safe to use Truecaller MOD?

Answer: Yes, This is 100% safe, Because of Truecaller MOD Version doesn’t get any negative feedback from users.

How can I download Truecaller premium?

Answer: Download the latest and authentic version of the Truecaller premium by clicking on the “download” button Up on the post.

Can I need Login to Truecaller GOLD?

Answer: No Login required to use Truecaller GOLD.

Millions of people use this app today. that’s why definitely are some questions in everyone’s mind associated with the Truecaller premium APK. we’ve kept this section of the comment to answer those questions. during which we’ve written the foremost asked questions and their answers. If you’ve got other questions in your mind, we’ll answer them within the comment. feel free to ask.

Download Truecaller Premium MOD APK for Android

Overall I covered full detailed information about this Truecaller Premium Gold MOD APK. This is a very useful and must-needed application for those who have Android smartphones. The application interface looks very simple and quiet with dark mode. When you using the application, dark mode is automatically on at night time.

The greatest caller ID & spam blocking application in the world. Very often, we hear about situations when Truecaller played a major role. These include combating crime, preventing financial fraud, and even saving lives alongside law enforcement authorities.

Truecaller (MOD, Premium) v11.83.5

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