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Turbo VPN v3.6.7.4 MOD + APK (VIP, Premium Unlocked)

Name Turbo VPN
Genre Tools
MOD Features Premium
Size 20M
Requires Android up to 4.4
Price FREE
Updated On October 21, 2021 (1 day ago)

Turbo VPN (MOD, Premium) – 100% free VPN! High VPN speed! Free VPN proxy, connect as a hare to unblock sites, WIFI hotspot secure and protect privacy.

Table of contents
  1. About Turbo VPN
    1. Easy User Interface
    2. Speed VPN with better Performance
    3. Streaming on any platform
    4. Unblock any Website
    5. Turbo VPN VIP Subcription
  2. MOD Version of Turbo VPN
    1. Mod Info
  3. Download Turbo VPN Premium Mod APK for Android

Turbo VPN (MOD, Premium) – 100% free VPN! High VPN speed! Free VPN proxy, connect as a hare to unblock sites, WIFI hotspot secure and protect privacy.


About Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is a popular Android, iOS, Windows and Mac VPN. Google Play alone claims that more than 100 million installations have been installed in the Free Proxy App and that you can easily see why: You may access 7 servers in North America, Europe and Asia, and there are no bandwidth limits or restrictions to keep you out.

Turbo VPN is a service established in China that is quite popular with Android and iOS devices. Given the nature of this specific service, many of you can cease right now. Download and install the app, and you notice it includes advertising, but that’s no surprise – money must change hands at some point if the service is going to be of any value.

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Easy User Interface

Turbo VPN maybe a free VPN, but it doesn’t seem and it doesn’t feel that way. Its simple and straightforward layout has easy to browse and has buttons and windows, which provide at the tip of your fingers all the information you need.

It has precise progress indicators, visible buttons and clear iconography for flags of countries and menu items. In the overall design, there is also a lovely theme, which is distinctive enough to make the whole experience light and joyful.

Turbo vpn premium

Turbo VPN’s Windows program was installed easily and no email address or other credentials were needed – in a couple of seconds, it was ready to go. As easy as we saw, the UI. The application default lets you pick the next server, or you may select from eight additional servers by clicking on them, but a single button can be connected and disconnected.

Speed VPN with better Performance

A small server network is available in Turbo VPN. Even if it claims to have more than 10,000 servers on its website, this is quite implausible. It might be reserved for paid users, even if it were true.

Turbo VPN says it can link you to the speed of a hare on its own website. But the speed of Turbo VPN might be rather variable. Generally speaking, close servers appear to be much quicker than remote servers, just slightly decreasing from standard in tunnelled performance. Meanwhile, remote servers might cut the connection speed by half, which is quite deceptive.

Moreover, the premium-planning server’s traffic is lower than the free version, thus it is obvious that the performance of these servers is higher. Users may find connecting with the Turbo VPN network sometimes difficult. The explanations may be excessive traffic intensity in this particular network, or bad connectivity is caused by your cellular network.

Turbo VPN might be quick on empty servers, but its small network has nothing to do with intense traffic. Secondly, the fast connect function must essentially be used to avoid abrupt dropouts.

Streaming on any platform

The good news is that you can access major streaming services through Turbo VPN. The bad news, though, is that it is only available for paid VIP servers, which makes free users dry and high.

Unblock any Website

Unblock any Website

The Internet is not the same in every country yet may be known around the world. While navigating with Turbo VPN, you don’t have to fly around the world. By altering your online place, it may help you unblock all material simply and prevent local restrictions, which makes it appear like you’ve got anything else.

Turbo VPN VIP Subcription

A paid-in VIP plan is now available to Turbo VPN to clean up the ad interface and increase the network to 29 servers in 15 countries. And not everything. It also unblocks libraries on Netflix, although only 15 countries are included in that scheme. If you want global Netflix access and ultra-fast viewing, try ExperssVPN.

Turbo VPN is free to download like any Android VPN application but requires an affiliation to utilize. You are urged to participate in a seven day free trial of your VIP services when you first open Turbo VPN. You need to input your payment information via Google Pay in order to access the trial free of charge, and you will be charged immediately once the trial expires unless you cancel the service expressly.


Turbo VPN costs $11,99 a month, or $35,99 a year if you opt to pay for it. All payments need to be done using Google Pay, a bit of a plus. Google Pay is safe and makes it easy to withdraw by tap. If you decide to leave Turbo VPN, you will not have to worry about dealing with the customer care of a VPN provider.

MOD Version of Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN mod apk is the modified Turbo VPN program that offers all premium functions available free of charge in the app. In addition, this rebuilt software has the same layout as the official Turbo VPN and makes usage of the app design much more pleasant. Download the fully functional VPN software with more than 10000 different servers and firewalls with the quickest possible speed.

Besides all these capabilities, the Turbo VPN software contains huge features that can only be accessed by premium clients. Features such as huge location servers, 10x quick surfing speed, reliable network, faultless HD streaming, ad-free interface, and many more. This premium Turbo VPN subscription costs $4.99 a month, but do not worry since now we have the magic app that will free you with Turbo VPN’s full features.


Premium Unlocked: Turbo VPN mod apk is a newly developed leisure facility that provides you free access to the premium Turbo VPN membership. In Turbo VPN VIP, from which we said the following, there are huge functions accessible.

10x faster: Free version of any VPN program has one of the worst faults. Even if you’re using the official Turbo VPN software, network problems will always occur whether you have a fast or a terrible network. You don’t have to worry about speed, however, if you download the Turbo VPN mod, because the customized application guarantees you to offer a rate 10 times quicker than the free version and you also have a solid network link each time.

20000+ locations: In addition to services, Turbo VPN mod apk offers its 20000+ premium location servers that are locked up in its free editions, such as United Arab Intimates, Denmark, Japan, and Singapore. This extraordinary application allows you to free download and enjoy the dynamic content of thousands of nations.

Mod Info

  • Premium Unlocked.
  • Premium Validity For Unlimited Days.
  • Auto-disconnect Fixed.
  • All Vip Server Unlocked.

Download Turbo VPN Premium Mod APK for Android

By reviewing all contents, we can claim that Turbo VPN is the top VPN service provider in the Google Play Store due to its service and the number of people it trust. Even if you are a starting person and use the VPN service for the first time, utilize it since it’s easy to understand this software at once. With all premium tools, Turbo VPN mod apk and the server support are free of charge.

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Turbo VPN (MOD, Premium) v3.6.7.4

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