UFO VPN MOD APK v3.5.0 (Premium, VIP Servers, No Ads)


UFO VPN (MOD, Premium) Unlimited Fast proxy with 2000+ servers and unblocking capabilities, free and Premium service for your choice.
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October 31, 2021
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UFO VPN (MOD, Premium) Unlimited Fast proxy with 2000+ servers and unblocking capabilities, free and Premium service for your choice.



UFO VPN is a new supplier with an easy to use VPN service. While the VPN provides a free plan, in this review, we will examine mostly the paid premium service. In 30+ countries, premium members may benefit from over 200 servers.

UFO VPN is an excellent service that is closer to the leading VPN platforms today in many respects, due in particular to a wide network of servers, content unblockers and lightning speeds.

Unblock any websites

Some countries monitor internet traffic so that access to some websites is restricted. By using an encrypted tunnel as the router, a VPN works as a web blocker by not inspecting, manipulating, or censoring your traffic.

Encrypt your UFO VPN online traffic in order to release your desired sites, even if in your country they are blocked. You may browse the web with a new IP address and access the websites that would otherwise be restricted for you when you connect to one of our servers across the world.

UFO VPN premium

Let us assume that you relocated to a section of the globe where the authorities restrict Websites such as YouTube, Twitter, Skype or Facebook. We believe you can visit these websites wherever you are. Whatever you try to navigate, UFO VPN provides you immediate access.

Get Unlimited Streaming

Capable of unblocking popular, geographically limited streaming material such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO, etc., is a desirable qualitative feature in any VPN. UFO VPN can give such geo-blocked material access.

In the United States, United Kingdom, South Korea and Canada, UFO VPN has dedicated the streaming servers of Netflix. While UFO VPN’s application is incredibly unstable (I had to restart it several times before it worked), I could easily see my favourite episodes once I connected with a Netflix server. Since Netflix was only unlocked by the streaming servers in several different areas, I wanted to know whether some of the non-streaming servers would function properly. I tried to unlock more information in Europe and in the Middle East, with a German server and other servers they worked well.

Users Speed Availability

UFO VPN Apps are very easy to use and well built, which means that we had nothing to do with them. On a 74 Mbps connection, we evaluated its performance and were pleasantly impressed.

First of all, we wanted to test how much a server would do near us, so we chose one in Germany and gave a very good 36 Mbps. Then we continued on to a New York server, which provided the 20 Mbps to us.

Finally, on the opposite side of the world, in Japan, we tried a server with a fantastic 38 Mbps, and there was no disappointment either.

Good for Torrenting?

While UFO VPN does not officially prohibit torrenting on its servers, it does not promote it as well. This VPN is not recommended for torrenting since they maintain user activity records. This implies that UFO VPN could be legally obliged to provide your torrenting activity information.

VIP unlocked

Privacy of UFO VPN

UFO VPN hides your IP address on every platform and ensures safe encryption for your connection. During our testing, we did not discover any leaks. However, UFO VPN does not include a kill switch. If the VPN connection abruptly breaks, your information may be compromised. There is no ad blocker in the VPN as well.

Premium Version of UFO VPN

Only a few of the accessible servers may be used with the free version. You will have to pay for upgrading VIP if you want to move servers to speed up your connection. The developer might be paid for help. Or download our UFO VPN mod apk, take a VIP Subscription for free.

Mod Info

  • VIP Features Unlocked
  • VIP Servers Unlocked
  • Ads Removed

Download UFO VPN Mod APK for Android

UFO VPN surprised you with its amazing speeds, thousands of servers and unblocking capabilities, as well as additional perks in the form of low prices, free trials and free basic service. Try our UFO VPN Mod Apk Now!